This is how we roll

If you're not sure you'd fit in, check out our mission footage.

Operation Nadel im Heuhaufen: Destroying a drug cartel is on todays menu

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Operation Sovereignty: In the post-apocalyptic world of Esseker, the surviving members of Vitio's Green-Sleeve-Gang have to resupply themselves with weapons, food and vehicles.

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This is who we are

Whether you are new to Arma or a veteran in the community, if you are looking for a stable unit that is both fair and fun, has comrade camaraderie, and sports realistic operations every week, look no further.

When do we play?

Our main operations are every wednesday at 2000 UTC Standard Time (1900 UTC during Daylight Saving Time).

How difficult is it?

For realism and fair play, we run on maximum difficulty settings, meaning everyone is locked into first person and many HUD items are disabled.

What mods do we use?

Our unit modpack is specifically tailored to fit the special operations needs of our mission designers, using enhanced realism modifications like ACE, ASR AI, TFAR, RHS and numerous other additions to improve in-game immersion. Additionally we use a repository system that makes it extremely easy to download and update the mods.


You need to be able to speak english or german, are of age 18 or above, have TeamSpeak3 installed, a working microphone and a valid copy of Arma 3 and APEX.


A decent rig for good in-game performance, a sound system that can provide audible precision localization, previous experience in milsim games and an attitude with fun in mind.

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